Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhag

He works with:

Abstract interpretation of the human form



Artist statement:

- We are full of colors and My goal is to make them visible

Artexpo 2016 New York


He was very happy for article in the exhibition show guide from Artexpo 2016 New York.



Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhag was born 1976 and grew up in the small Town of Lilla Edet in Sweden. 

He has a passion for creating portraits and enjoys to discover the details and fragments that make us individuals. He wish to combine the strength from abstract and realistic art to find harmony. This journey started back in 1997 for him and is still going on. 

He works as an art teacher in the city Trollhättan in Sweden there he lives with his wife, seven children and two dogs.


the sign is his trademark and he has designed it on basis of his

mother´s Sami* origin and father´s past as a sailor. He own's

a patent on it since 2001.

* Sami is Swedens indigenous people known, among

other things, for their reindeer and color folk costumes.

The sign is always incorporated in each painting

Nisse Nidej Ottenhag

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