He works with:

Abstract interpretation of the human form



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Working in studio for upcoming exhibitions


Gallery Anohaao, 17 February- 17 Mars, Gothenburg, Sweden

Artexpo 2018, 19- 22 April, Pier 94, New York, USA






Represented in Sweden by :


Svenska konstgalleriet, Malmö

Anohaao gallery, Göteborg

Galleri Gustafsson, Trollhättan






Artexpo 2016 New York


I´m very happy for article in the exhibition show guide from Artexpo 2016 New York. To be chosen to be 1 of 5 that they write about among many thousands artworks is truly a big honor for me. And to be looked upon as a new inspiring artist with a deep in my art is just GREAT to read. The attention I got was overwhelming and I looking forward to continue my journey as an artist.


Here is a link to the Artexpo NY 2016 Show Guide:




Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhag was born 1976 and grew up in the small Town of Lilla Edet in Sweden. He was always creating, always observing the surroundings and made interpretations of it.


After his education he travelled to different countries, for example Great Britain, Namibia, China, Greece and a lot of countries in Europé.


He studied and now works as an art teacher in the city Trollhättan in Sweden there he lives with his wife and his seven children.


Since he enjoys to travel and experience new places and Cultures he is always looking to exhibit abroad. So far he has been exhibit in Namibia, France, Monaco and USA.






Is his trademark and he has designed it on basis of his mother´s Sami* origin and father´s past as a sailor. He own's a patent on it since 2001.


* Sami is Swedens indigenous people known, among other things, for their reindeer and color folk costumes.




Art Criticism

Painting of life's magic


His faces flames towards me, they own a luminosity that gives the paintings an unusual radiance. It is a style of painting that on the surface may seem like a everyday realism. But make no misled into believing that this is merely charming images. Not at all. No, these paintings drills into the depths of the beholder. They want more than illustrate, they want to show the magic and poetry in our lives.


The artist, this glowing painting creator's Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhag. He is an artist who in his paintings spellbound the viewer, brings us a story about our life´s great adventure.


Variety of motifs is large. Some images may appear to reflect the everyday, such as the child at the lake, some Sami people and their reindeer, and so on. But very soon I see something substantially more in the images, something different and richer than what the props would suggest. I see a painter who can master to load his paintings a powerful trait of spirituality and inner strength.


He- the artist- sending me secret letters from an inner landscape. In his magic-charged portrayal of faces becomes the eyes almost dangerous welding flames that subject again style of painting magic!


Today there is as much art as satisfied with the often empty gesture. Painting as superficial manners, kind of thing makes the critic blase and listless. It lacks so often the internal dimension of the gallery walls.


This is not the case with Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhag portrayals in the picture. He wants something more, he seeks the song in our hearts. In a text he wrote about his painting, he tells that he wants to seek a communication with the viewer. I claim that his pictures express just this contact that he seeks - and finds - in his paintings. I wrote that his motifs are extremely diverse. But I realize soon that it does not matter where he retrieves his motives.


There are events beyond the motifs surface that he wants to reach. When I see his pictures, I think of Dan Andersson poet line: "There is something beyond the mountains". This wise insight is also reflected in Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhags painting. This is about an artist who tells the picture of the visions he has seen on his journey towards the land beyond the mountains.


There are images that carrying a great yearning.



Stig Åke Stålnacke

International Art Critical Association IACA






Måleri om livets magi


Hans ansikten flammar emot mig, de äger en lyskraft som ger målningarna en ovanlig strålglans. Det handlar om ett måleri som på ytan kan te sig som en vardaglig realism. Men låt Er inte förledas att tro att det handlar om enbart charmerande avbildningar. Alls icke. Nej dessa målningar borrar sig in mot djupet i betraktaren. De vill mer än illustrera, de vill visa på magin och poesin i våra liv.


Upphovsmannen, detta glödande måleris skapare heter Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhag. Han är en konstnär som i sina bilder trollbinder betraktaren, skänker oss en saga om våra livs stora äventyr.


Motivkretsen är stor. Vissa bilder kan tyckas spegla det vardagliga, till exempel barnet vid sjön, några samer med sina renar och så vidare. Men mycket snart ser jag något väsentligt mer i bilderna, något annat och rikare än vad rekvisitan antyder. Jag ser en målare som mäktar att ladda sitt måleri ett starkt drag av andlighet och inre kraft.

Han- målaren- skickar mig hemliga brev från ett inre landskap. I hans magiladdade gestaltning av ansikten så blir ögonen som nästan farliga svetslågor som betvingar återigen måleri som magi!


Det finns idag så mycket konst som nöjer sig med den ofta tomma gesten. Måleri som ytligt maner, sånt gör kritikern lätt blasé och håglös. Man saknar så ofta den inre dimensionen på galleriväggarna. Så är ej förhållandet med Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhags gestaltningar i bild. Han vill något mer, han söker sången i våra hjärtan. I en text han skrivit om sitt måleri talar han om att han vill söka en kommunikation med betraktaren. Jag påstår att hans bilder uttrycker just denna kontakt som han söker - och finner- i sitt måleri. Jag skrev att hans motivvärld är ytterligt skiftande. Men så inser jag snart att det inte spelar någon roll var han hämtar sina motiv.


Det är skeendet bortom motivets yta som han vill nå. När jag ser hans bilder kommer jag att tänka på Dan Anderssons diktrad: "Det finns något bortom bergen". Denna kloka insikt ser man också i Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhags måleri. Här handlar det om en konstnär som berättar i bild om de syner han har sett på sin resa mot landet bortom bergen.


Det är bilder som bär på en stor längtan.




Stig Åke Stålnacke

International Art Critical Association IACA







Words from the artist:


I´am really grateful to be surrounded by fantastic people who really cares about me and my art. I would like to thank these people:


My wife and children for all the love and making this possible.

My father and mother for always supporting me and my art and all the love.

My sister for all the love and someone who helps me reflect in different ways.


Mikaela Himmelström, owner of Svenska konstgalleriet in Malmö, for making these trips possible and for pushing me forward in my artistic adventure.


Richard and Emma, owner of gallery Anohaao in Gothenburg and

Per and Titti, owner of gallery Gustafsson in Trollhättan for believing in my art.


And all supporting people who gets me even more inspired to continue this journey.






Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhag

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