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Selected juried exhibitions


International contemporary art fair 2022, Luxembourg,

Rue Carlo Hemmer L-1347 Luxembourg-Kirchberg, September 16 to 18

International contemporary art fair 2022, France, Paris, Carrousel du Louvre,

October 21 to 23

International contemporary art fair 2022, Belgium, Brussels,

Brussels Expo Palais 1 Place de Belgique 1, November 25 to 27

Upcoming exhibit:

Malmö Gallerinatt 2022, Svenska konstgalleriet, Sweden, Malmö, Friisgatan 9,

September 23 to 25


Antikmässan, Stockholm 


Art Expo, New York, USA,





Savoureusement Suédois, Côte d´Azurs, Nice, France


Selected Solo exhibitions

Colours, Svenska konstgalleriet, sweden, 2019

Living colour, Anohaao gallery, göteborg, Sweden, 2018

Kruusa Nidej, Pumphuset, trollhättan, sweden, 2017

Nidej, galleri gustafsson, trollhättan, sweden, 2017

Färg inom mig, Svenska konstgalleriet, malmö, sweden, 2015

Selected group exhibitions

Spectrum, anohaao gallery, göteborg, sweden, 2018

Gallerinatta, svenska konstgalleriet, malmö, sweden, 2018

Galleri gustafsson, trollhättan, sweden, 2017

Galleri Kim antensen, göteborg, sweden, 2017


Nidej is a member of:

BUS - Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden





This is sick! Honored to be a part of

your exhibtion! @nidej_art

I can't even. I love this so much!

Thank you thank you!

Jessica Parker Kennedy

Being the subject of someone´s immense talent always gives me butterflies

Sarah ”Krotchy” McDaniel

E> <3

Cara Delevingne

Used my paintnig on her instastory

Portrait by the talented <3 Nidej_art for his show in Artexpo NY

Shaughnessy Brown

Wow!! That´s quite a large girl (get it? ) Beautiful work @nidej_art

Mädchen Amick